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The minimum age for obtaining a licence in Norway is 16 years for A1T (tractors), 18 years for C1, 21 years for C, D1 and 24 years for D. A licence issued before 2013 can be revoked if it reaches the age of 100. The most important rule is that driving licences issued in EU countries / EEA countries can only be used in Norway if they are valid and can be exchanged without test for a Norwegian driving licence. In order to obtain a tractor or machinery licence of class AII, the applicant must have 1 year of driving experience in driving licence categories B (class AII), A, C, AIV or D.

If you do not have a driving license in your home state and want a New York State license, you must pass a written test, complete a 5-hour training course and then pass a road test. If you drive in New York, you will need a valid driving license from another state or country (e.g. You can exchange a Norwegian driving licencefor your foreign driving licence in exchange for being issued in another country, but your new Norwegian driving licence must be valid in an EU / EEE country.

Visitors and foreign holders of a valid driving licence issued in their country of residence or country of origin are not permitted to drive in Barbados without going to the police and a temporary local driving license is issued. Driving licences are rare in most EEA countries but can be exchanged for a Norwegian driving licenceif you have passed a new practical driving test (or in some cases a theory test) before the prescribed time. If you already have a driving licence in another country, you do not need an international driving licence, but it can be helpful.

Automatic is a possible case where there is a special mark on the driving licence and you are allowed to drive a car with an automatic transmission. All drivers are required to carry a valid driving licence while driving, which must be presented by the police officer. The police officer can use this evidence to issue a traffic ticket if you travel in the state of New York without a driver’s license or license.

If you have a driving license from Japan or Switzerland, you can swap it for a Norwegian one without having to pass a practical test and within a year of moving. Foreigners have the right to register, pass through and obtain a Norwegian driving licence no later than six months after obtaining a residence permit under this procedure. We call this the Norwegian driving licence register and we do not need a driving test to obtain a fake Norwegian driving licence.

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